Static Farm (Final Assembly)
Matthew Hundley – vocals, guitar
Jason Kerns– bass
Nick Durnin– drums

Static Farm (First Assembly)
Jeff Eastman– vocals
Matthew Hundley – vocals, guitar
Jason Kerns– bass
Nick Durnin– drums

Middle Class Punks (Precursor to Static)
Jeff Eastman – vocals
Matthew Hundley – vocals, bass
Dan Harles – guitar
Jim Shin – keyboards
Joe Sims – drums

Spring of 1985, a crew of Cedar Falls High School (Iowa) kids have gathered in Matthew Hundley’s basement to work on potential songs for the Spring Talent Show. That crew included drummer Joe Sims (who had grown up with Hundley). Jim Shin and Jon Ross, who had grown up across town but connected with the others in high school. Jeff Eastman and Dan Harles were a year older but were in Jazz Singers with Hundley. They ended up auditioning “Just What I Needed” by The Cars and they did make the cut.

From here they started toying with the idea of being a cover band and even worked up a set of songs. One rehearsal, where Jon Ross was absent, Matt jumped on bass and they wrote 5 or so “punk rock” songs. Hundley had a notebook full of other songs he had written. He had also been playing punk/industrial under the moniker “B.C.” (an acronym that had a myriad of possibilities) with friends Todd Huffman and Jason Kerns.  As “B.C.” they took on stage names: Hundley was “Corrupt,” Kerns was “Crude” and Huffman was “Cynical.”

The stars collided when Hundley threw a party fall of 1986 called “Spontaneous Corruption” (a play off his B.C. stage name). There were two shows at our Hundley’s house on Cadillac Drive (Waterloo, IA) house which served as bookends: the birth of Static Farm; and the death of Static Farm.  The night served as a Static Farm audition as there were a number of musicians present who assembled in various forms. After that night the line-up for what would be Static Farm was nearly codified.

Out of “Spontaneous Corruption” emerged the line-up for Static Farm [Jeff Eastman, vocals; Matthew Hundley, guitar; Jason Kerns, bass; Nick Durnin, drums]. Shortly into rehearsals we dispensed with our vocalist. Then sped into the “Lynching Butterfly Tour” which included a string of house shows (Todd’s, Matt’s, John’s, Matt W’s with Crock O Dookey). Then there were bigger gigs at Hudson High School Variety Show, at the Cedar Falls High School Spring Fling (Battle of the Bands of sorts), at Maucker Union (University of Northern Iowa Campus).

And then we finished things out back at my house with the “Summer Fun Party” with Static Farm, HKS, Aggressive Chubbies, and Crock O Dookey. It was a mix of college and high school students who showed up for this event which started with bands in our garage and a slam ring in the front yard (which didn’t end as the rain commenced and we moved the music indoors). This was the las gig for Static Farm. Jason H. would revive the Summer Fun Party a year later, and since all Static Farm members were there we did play an impromptu set.