Matthew Hundley Releases “Lady of Pavement”

The latest release from Radio Ear is Matthew Hundley’s 7 song album “Lady of Pavement.”


The album opens with the track Painted Skies originally release in 1987 by the band Tiny Lights. Hundley’s is a darker, jazzier take on what is originally a lightly folk song. This is the only cover on the album. What follows are 6 originals drawn from Hundley’s catalog of some 40 years of songwriting.

Ashes opens with a riff on Favorite Things before launching into a McCartney-esque romp. The musicbox skip in the right speaker offsets the tale of a person who trips on a snowy day spilling the ashes of a relative on the wet sidewalk.

“Lady of Pavement is about a woman I used to encounter in downtown Boulder, Colorado in the late 80’s,” Hundley recounts. “I’d see her sometimes stash her grocery cart and sneak into the art cinema downtown. I also remember spotting her buying stocking at a local pharmacy.”

While living in Boulder, Hundley played in the band Human Document with Jeff Cronin (guitar) and Bill Heideman (drums). Judy was a song drawn from the set list of that group.

Beat ’em Up Boy is the theme for a graphic novel I’m working on,” says Hundley. “It’s about a summer in the late 70’s where my uncle took me out to fight various neighborhood kids.” Hundley’s father was a Golden Gloves fighter; his great uncle was a boxing star in the early 1900s.

Merry Go Round was written by Hundley in the mid 1990s about a woman leading a double life.

“I was going through a stack of demo cassettes from the early 1990s and came across a rough version of Colored Sand,” recounts Hundley. “At first I just recorded the basic music tracks. Decided to add the vocals, guitar and sax overtop and liked what I came up with.”

Pick up your copy today. Be sure to check back and let us know what you think.

Available on iTunes, Amazon, Noisetrade, Spotify, Apple Music and wherever good music is sold online.

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