Matthew Hundley Releases 4-Song “Dim Reflection” EP

Dim Reflection EP
Matthew Hundley’s “Dim Reflection” 4-Song EP (May 2016)

There are a number of influences riding under the surface of this four song EP by Matthew Hundley: Brian Ferry, David Sylvian, King Crimson, Talk Talk to name a few.

The release opens with Spice to Life, with it’s lilting reggae back beat and tasty guitar licks scattered throughout. Hundley adopts a raspy melodic tone as he sings of being stuck in the rut of small town life and the crush of circumstance.

The title track Dim Reflection falls in the second slot. For me this song reminds of the bands Controlled Bleeding or Trisomie 21. At times his voice comes across strained, but it seems to work with this song.

The third track Two Eyes Crossing sets the scene of a chance meeting of the eyes in a smokey bar. The songwriter’s imagination takes over. What it might be to be with a woman like this. It’s a song that sat in Hundley’s songbook for many years before emerging in this re-rendering.

The EP closes with the song Once Was A Glance. The song of an artist in the act of creating. Gazing at the beautiful figure he’s created upon the canvas. The artist begins to fall in love with his creation which he then recreates in clay. The clay sculpture comes to life and the two “enjoy a nightly tour” before the clay must return to its hardened state.

Four imaginative tunes for your listening pleasure.

Dim Reflection can be purchased or streamed on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Noisetrade and numerous other music sites.

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