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welcome to the new website for the radio ear.

this is the repository for projects past and present of producer, musician and sogwriter matthew hundley (that's me).

i have soundcloud pages set up for radio ear and matthew hundley.

we just started working with a service that will get our music on iTunes and Spotify and the like. i have released my latest EP via this channel.

featured release
Matthew Hundley, Dim Reflection
matthew hundley | dim reflection [release date 2.1.16]

the cover art was concepted from a photo i took of some grafitti in a back alley in denver, colorado. i cropped in and it started looking like an alien with a black hood or mask. two of the songs [spice to life; once was a glance] were written recently. the other two songs [dim reflection; two eyes crossing] i recorded demos for back in 1991 but they just sat on the shelf. i was revisiting some of this material and desided to dust them off and polish them a bit. i've been working on these songs and tweaking for just over a year now and feel fairly confident in releasing them now. as far as the sound goes. most of the instruments are real with the exception of drums and percusion - which are a mix of real, sampled, loops, programmed. i play fender and ibanez guitars, have m-audio keyboard gear, play a tama drumkit with a mix of cymbals. influences for the style of this EP include david bowie, david sylvian, peter murphy, lou reed, minimal compact, tuxedomoon, and trisomie 21. hope you enjoy.

available on: iTunes

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